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The United Kingdom and Politics, what a childish affair…

July 10, 2010

The Houses of Parliament

The heart of UK Politics, the Houses of Parliament


I am going to say it straight off – I am a Conservative. Although, I am not one of those people who would sell their souls for their political party. For me, the Conservatives, it seems, have the best policies. However, that doesn’t mean I agree with them all. 

Nevertheless, what I think, and what the current political climate is in the United Kingdom is not the subject of this blog. This blog is about the United Kingdom’s childish politics. 

It’s clear from the recent election that our political system is somewhat in need of change; admittedly, no system is perfect, but our system could definitely be improved. The way all the parties operate should be called into question. In most countries, the parties care about their country and will work together to achieve the best. Here, it is rather different. 

In the UK, it appears to me that the members of the parties care more about getting their party into power. They will do so by any means, be it empty promises, lies, or expensive public relation stunts. This ultimately is just so they can ‘get one over’ on their opponents and have that extra pay or expenses allowance, rather than for the good of the country. Many places around the world manage to have coalitions that work perfectly (granted the current coalition is doing pretty well), but here there will always be the opposition who will deliberately vote against acts to be stubborn, bad losers, in place of voting for the acts which would benefit the country. 

Now, this is not because I am biased, but in all honesty, the childish behaviour is usually that of Labour party members. An example of this? When Liam Byrne left his note to the new Chief Secretary David Laws, saying: 

“Dear chief secretary, I’m afraid to tell you there’s no money left.” 

Liam Byrne did say this note was meant in jest, and that could have been his intention, but whether it was or not; I still find nothing funny about this, especially when this “no money left” is contributing to the devastation of our economy, people losing their jobs and ultimately peoples’ lives being ruined… Is it funny now? 

We shouldn’t forget as well the expenses scandal, which involved politicians from almost every party. Essentially, these politicians thought, “Oh wow, we can buy pretty much anything, free”; the expression, ‘letting kids loose in a sweet shop’ comes to mind.
They saw that they could take, and they took; despite knowing, they shouldn’t have. Yet, some ministers took the line that they didn’t break the rules set down by the expenses department, and maybe they didn’t.
So, what does this show us? That these politicians are quite morally bankrupt, which is not very promising? Bearing in mind these are the people who decide on things like benefits, and effectively almost every aspect of our lives.
This just highlights the immaturity of some (but not all, I believe some politicians do their job well) of the people who run our country. 

Overall, the divide between parties in the UK has grown too big, we need the parties to work together, and stop mudslinging. We need politicians to go into politics to change the country and help those who elect them, not as a career path, so they can get a large wage, and take as much money through rewards as they can. 

Maybe then we wouldn’t mind giving them more money, if they earn it that is. I bet only a few of today’s politicians deserve what they earn. 

Yet, what solution to these problems do we have? How can we stop these “Whitehall Untouchables”? How about a new voting system, would proportional representation stop this? How would we go about tackling the wages of politicians? 

Until then, I suppose, we will just have to continue being caught up in the crossfire… 

What do you think? 

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