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Handpicked Nokia 5800 (S60) Software, just for you

July 11, 2010

I recently got a new phone, well it was an old hand me down, but it was new for me. It’s a Nokia© 5800. It’s not the newest or fastest phone around, but it’s pretty well equipped with features and Nokia seems to be keeping it up to date with nice new applications and its operating system is one that is getting a lot of interest; so overall, it’s not too bad.

When I first got it, its previous owner hadn’t used it to its full potential. It was about three firmware updates behind, and had none of the snazzy third party applications installed.
The first thing I did was to update it to the newest firmware, which was very easy, and gave me some new stuff.

 I then went in search of applications. Now, I did look first on the Ovi Store (Nokia’s application store) for the free gems, and I got a few; but the real beauties are in the depths of the internet, developed by people who don’t want to pay €50 (£45) to put it in the Ovi Store.
So without further ado, here’s what I recommend:

1: Opera Mini 5Opera Mini's front page

The Nokia 5800’s Web Browser does do it jobs, and Nokia have been updating it recently. However, it is no match for the might of Opera Mini. Opera Mini is almost bug-less, and loads pages faster due to its compression settings. It has a front page with a 3×3 grid of customisable bookmarks with page previews, and can render full desktop web pages or the mobile ones, with unbelievable ease. Zooming in and out is a pleasure and scrolling is smooth and natural. In addition, some networks (like O2-UK) automatically decrease image quality, so on the built in Nokia browser pictures become pixelated and unpleasant. However, Opera Mini manages to bypass it, I don’t know how, but it does. Be careful you pick Opera Mini and not Opera Mobile. Although Opera Mobile appears to be a better choice for the Nokia 5800 on paper, it is nowhere near as fast at loading pages as Opera Mini; even over Wi-Fi. That’s what I’ve found anyway.

Download it here:

2: Paint Pad

Paint Pad asks you for your drawing settings

This is pretty much like the Paint program that comes with Windows.
You can do all the usual; add text, spray paint and the like. What’s nice about this application is that you have a few options for the background of the drawing. You can have a one-colour background, so white or blue etc…
Alternatively, you can choose a picture in your gallery and you even have the option to take a brand new picture and directly import it into the application. I think this is probably the nicest Paint application I’ve seen- it’s responsive and saves in .jpg so your drawings are compatible with pretty much everything.

Download it here:

  3: ScreenSnapThe settings for ScreenShot, simple, yet effective

  Another pretty useful application is ScreenSnap, it does what is says, it takes pictures of the Nokia 5800’s screen. It is, in fact, it has been taking the pictures for this blog. It is quite a simple application, with only a few configuration options, but it does the job very well. I think this is about the only screenshot application for the Nokia 5800 out there, as I couldn’t find any others…

Download it here:

 4: Counter Touch and Timer Lite

A new user interface, with clear numbering

These next two I’m going to bundle together. These two applications are available in the Ovi Store. Firstly, Counter Touch. It’s an application that counts, every time you click the plus button on the screen the number increases, and you can decrease the number or reset it back to zero. This could be good for students who are counting up their marks in exam papers, or people who work on doors, and like to count the amount of people arriving in a venue. Secondly, Timer Lite. Don’t be put off by the ‘Lite’ part in the name, yes it’s free and not all singing and dancing. Nevertheless, it works fantastically, it has a great user interface, split lapping, and importantly fills the gap that Nokia left by not putting in a built in timer.

Also, check out the other applications from the same publisher “OffScreen”, they’ve got some pretty nice applications and you might like a few that I haven’t chosen.Clear design, and useful controls

Ovi Store Link – Counter Touch:
Ovi Store Link – Timer Lite:

Those are the few applications that I use the most, and took me the most time to find.

If you have any suggestions of applications you think should be on here, then leave me a comment and I’ll be happy to add it to the list!

Let me know if you like my recommendations!

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  1. Nice post! 😉

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  2. I do comment on blogs – not to leave a digital footprint – which of course is good, but because I really appreciate all the time and effort someone goes through to post useful information. Which by the way, you offer great insight into this. Thanks!

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