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Choosing blog post topics, a topic in itself!

July 12, 2010

Admittedly, I’ve only just started my blogging ‘career’, and it’s looking set to be quite a short one at that!
I’ve run in to my first problem. Now, it’s nothing technical, or financial… That, believe me, is the easiest part. My problem could be named ‘blogger’s block’ or suchlike. I’m astonished at how hard it is to think of things to blog about. My previous blogs have been, most probably, not that interesting. This is due to, wholly, the fact that I was clutching at straws to knock out at least one post per day.

Luckily, my problem has been the solution. I was sitting there, thinking, “what the hell can I write about?”
Suddenly it hit me (not literally of course) that I could do a post on ‘how tricky it is for a beginner blogger to write interesting, fresh posts’…

When I first began my blog I googled (wow, ‘to google’ is now in Office’s spell check).
What I searched for was things like:
– Creating a successful blog
– How to make a blog popular Blogger's Block
– Good topics for a blog
– etc…

I spent the best part of a day doing this, and to be honest, it was (from a ‘blog ideas’ point of view) utterly useless. What I did find however was some nice sites to publicise my blog.

So my message to you all is:

It is not as easy as you might believe. Be kind to my other posts, even if they are sub-standard. I think us newbies take a little while to find their style and get into swing.

If you have any topic suggestions, I’d be grateful to hear them!


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  1. great experience, dude! thanks for this great

    Articles wow… it’s very wonderful report.

  2. Whassup?
    I like this blog. This was very nice to read.
    I wonder how I didn’t find this blog before.

    I will try to share. Some of my friends will appreciate this.

    Thanks and keep it up!

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