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A Long and Regrettable Absence

January 7, 2011

Where have I been? Tut.

Well hello! Glad at least one of you is still reading and checking to see if I’ve published a new blog…
Well, your dreams have come true; I am back!

Lazy Cat
Wow, this cat is like my mirror

I suppose I should really make a few excuses here… but truthfully, the lack of blogs was due to my being lazy.

To be honest, I’m not quite sure, but I think that I had originally targeted myself to publish two blogs per day (not necessarily write them on that day though). This quite obviously posed a little (big, actually) problem, fourteen posts a week means finding a hell of a lot of content to write about. Truth: I’m not the most imaginative person on the internet, so I overwhelmed and over-targeted myself, and I got disillusioned with the situation and thought: what the hell, screw it. So, I ceased to blog.

Yet, now I’m back. “Why?” I hear you ask.
I’ve re-targeted myself. I’m going to a: woblog!



Woblog –
A weekday only blog.

In addition, it’s only going to be one woblog per day too…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed me informing you of fickle and uninteresting things… Come to think of it, you’ve all got nothing to take away from the blog at all (this blog isn’t part of the woblog series, I’ll make it clear when you’re reading the first one, it’ll be tomorrow 8/01/11)!
I’ll leave you in peace to swear, defame and rant about me, and my un-usefulness.

Thanks for reading guys, and leave your very commenty, comments below!


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