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My First Woblog and Ray William Johnson… What!?

January 10, 2011

This is: The first woblog.

Firstly I wanted to ask if you liked my new word, woblog. Word of The Day - Woblog

You probably don’t but hey, I felt clever for a few minutes… Then, I realised that I had promised that my weekday/ workday only blog would be released on the 8/01/11. Ah, but of course you say, that was a Saturday and hence I had promised the impossible.

That aside.
My woblog today, 10/01/11, can be released.

Ray William Johnson, my favourite Youtuber. Ray is one of the most subscribed Youtubers, I think he’s second most subscribed. Anyway. Ray’s channel ‘Equals Three’ or =3 is where he reviews Internet Videos, and he’s hilarious. He used to do a daily vlog called BreakingNYC which was great but unfortunately he felt that he no longer had enough time to keep both channels up, whilst studying too.
I really recommend you check his videos out though, he posts a new video every Monday and Thursday:

RAY_WILLIAM_JOHNSON[1]Right, so, talking about Ray got me thinking. Have you (my few readers) got any vlogs/ blogs online creative outlets?
If you do, let me know!

I’m moving to London later this year, late-September to be more precise. Anyway, I had a fantastic idea, that I might do a little vlog of London myself. Imagine: BreakingLondon?
– – –
Just a quick recap of my day for those of you who are interested:

Got up late
Was going to go get my hair cut, but it was cold, raining so I decided not to.
Had to put some money (yey) in the bank.
Get ready to go back to work tomorrow L
Wrote the rest of this
Posting it now!
– – –

Okay peoples! Thanks for reading my drivel! Leave any comments and links below!



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