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Regrets with Perspective and Ted Williams

January 11, 2011

I was watching the news the other day, and I saw a report about the homeless man called: Ted Williams.

I want to say that he does indeed have an astonishing voice. I was wondering how he came to be in the situation he was in, and then he told us. Alcohol and drugs, that’s what.

I’m not going to judge him, who am I to do that, plus he did say he’s two years clean, and I trust that’s true. I always believe in giving second chances, because, if I were in his situation, I’d want one too.Word of The Day Template - Malison

It was quite clear from the following interviews, that he regrets the mistakes he has made, and clearly does want a new beginning. That made me think about the things I regret, but to be honest, I don’t have anything to regret that is on the scale like Ted Williams. Which puts things in perspective.

So, you can guess where this is leading, do you have any regrets (reading this woblog may be one of them) and how do you think these will affect your life in the future?

Anyway, enough of this deep, soul searching stuff.

I’ve been looking at my blog’s stats, and yesterday, and I got one visitor (yey). Yet, this was a bit of an empty achievement. Yesterday, I decided to try and use the Windows Live Writer and it imported all my tags, and then it applied them to the post. This one visit came from a click through from the tag: Yesterday’s post had nothing to do with that, and the tag was an overhang from a post I did a while ago, about Nokia software.[1]To that one person who visited, I hope you weren’t upset, and found the other post maybe and found its content useful. I’ll try make sure my tags are more appropriate next time; and that naughty tags that shouldn’t be there don’t sneak in.

Did any of you watch Ray William Johnson’s videos? Let me know if you did!

Right, time to sign off now. I’m sure you will all be waiting with baited breath for tomorrow’s blog.


Right peoples, thanks for reading!



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