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What you all like to read, it seems…

April 24, 2011

I’ve been looking at the statistics for my blog, and it appears that you all seem to like tech-related posts the most… Therefore, I’ve made an executive decision; and I have decided to increase the amount of tech-related blogs I do.

Unfortunately, I am not able to offer pre-release product reviews, as no companies even know about me; let alone want me to review their products… Hell, I doubt I have the reader base anyway. That said, if a company is reading this; and wants me to do a review of their product, don’t hesitate to contact me!

The problem I have with this is that I can’t really do tech-related topics that much; as although I love tech and read all about the latest news etc. If I were to write anything all I would be doing is re-wrighting what I have read- and what is the point in that?
I don’t have the money to buy products and test them; and nor do I change devices often enough to talk about new things I have all the time. I suppose I could do some things about Android and the Xbox 360; but there isn’t much I could do that hasn’t already been done.

So, that said. I’ll stop having a little moan.

I’m looking to collaborate with somebody, or somebody to collaborate with me. Either way I don’t mind. I was thinking along the lines of a joint website, blog or something like that. I;m open to any suggestions.

If anyone reading this (not very many people then) and is looking for a similar sort of thing, and would like to discuss this proposition further- then please contact me.

Just in case it’s not somewhere on the site, my email address is:



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  1. Well, the more posts you make the higher number of readers you’ll get reading your blog. Also, on the note of writing about technology, many technology blogs cover the same news as other media organizations but there is a very large chance of getting your hands on a breaking story before other blogs by looking at Twitter and hand picked content from friends.

    Keep up your good blog!

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