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Tracy Chapman; Fast Car! Thanks Britain’s Got Talent

April 25, 2011

BBC News brought me some good news the other day.

Thanks to Britain’s Got Talent, Tracy Chapman is once again in the Lime Light.
Michael Collings decided to do a rendition of her single Fast Car on the show; and received a Susan Boyle-esque reaction from the Audience.
Congrats to him by the way.

My point here is, Tracy Chapman, she was one of my favourite artistes when I was younger. Since then I had forgotten about her and my CD copy of her album is nowhere to be found.

Reading BBC News last night reminded me of her; and I decided to watch a few clips on YouTube and I fell in love with her music again. I’d forgotten how brilliant she was.
I fittingly bought her music off Amazon’s MP3 Download Service.

Her single “Fast Car” is now 4th in the charts, the highest it has ever been! I’m going to embed the YouTube Video for you. Then, if you like it, you could buy it if you wish.


Tracy Chapman–Fast Car

Another one of her songs, that I love is “Baby Can I Hold You”. It’s a little less know, but still amazing.

Tracy Chapman–Baby Can I Hold You

I hope you liked her music, and I’ll probably do a double post today; as this doesn’t really contain original content from me. This one’s more of a shout-out to Tracy Chapman and her amazing music.


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