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Wearing a Casio F-91W? Don’t go to the USA!

April 26, 2011

416CS0VJWGLIf you’re the proud owner of the cheap and cheerful Casio F-91W watch, then be warned the Government of the United States of America will be keeping any eye on you.

A recently leaked government document (pictured), which is available of Wiki-leaks, details what government agents should look out for in terror suspects.
What’s on this list? The humble Casio F-91W of course.

Apparently a large number of the suspects at Guantanamo Bay wore this watch. Due to it very small price tag, world-wide availability and it’s potential to be turned into a Bomb-Timer, it has been deemed a suspect item.

There is also a list of terror suspects on Wikipedia who have this watch, if you want to look through them , here’s the link.People Wearing This Casio Watch Might Be Terrorists

Yet is this really a necessary reaction? If all the terror suspects were found drinking Coke, or sneezing into a tissue, would that mean (by US Standards) that if anybody drinks Coke, and sneezes into a tissue; they are also potential terrorists? I hope not…

I would hope that, with all the money the US Government spends, they would have something slightly more concrete to go on than just which watch people are wearing.
Of course, you wouldn’t get arrested from merely wearing this watch, they have to fill the other criteria too.

But just to be safe, if I were going to the United States, I’d wear a different watch. We all know what those Americans can be like… 😉


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