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What will you be doing during the royal wedding?

April 27, 2011


The royal wedding is on Friday. Many people all across the globe are anticipating a truly spectacular event.

Yet, not everyone wants to share in Price William and Kate’s joyful day. There are those who are devoted to the wedding, those who are indifferent and some would sooner turn the United Kingdom into a Republic than watch even a snippet of the wedding.
It seems started that an event such as a wedding, can inspire such bitter reactions in people.
But why?

If we separate these people into three groups as mentioned above, we might be able to hypothesise:

The Royalist:
Normally these people hang on every action by the royal family. They follow all major events, know birth dates and other intimate information. They sometimes might collect royal paraphernalia in order to remember what the royal family has done.
They despise the idea of a republic and would do anything it took to preserve the monarchy.
If these people aren’t glued to the TV Screen they’ll be outside have a barbeque with a TV Feed pumping them with live pictures from the wedding. That is of course if the British Weather is permitting.

The Indifferent Class (no that’s not a type of Navy Warship):
These people don’t really care for the royal family either way. They think that the royal family may have some benefits, but that they don’t really apply to them.
These people will probably not watch the wedding; or may see snippets when channel surfing. Some may have a look at the news just to see what is going on, but only a brief look.
It’s probable that these people will be celebrating that fact that they’ve got the day off, rather than the wedding.

The Abolitionists (according to spell check that work actually exists):
Naturally these are the people who are completely against this whole idea of having a monarchy; and would sooner chop their own heads off than watch the wedding. These people want the United Kingdom to become the United Republic (which personally I don’t think has quite the same ring).
Some of these people will be a protests, or just sat at home grumbling about how the royal wedding had affected the country in all manner of different ways…

What would I class myself as?crown1
I’d probably be part of The Indifferent Class. I don’t have anything against the royal family; but I just don’t have much interest in them at all. I recognise that not only are they a major part of our history and heritage (and thus must be preserved), they do bring in a lot of tourists.
Plus, they’re known world-wide and helps the United Kingdom keeps its foot firmly in the centre of the world-stage next to the United States.

On the “Lake Scale of Royalism”, where would you place yourself? Do you think that my definitions are accurate, or leaving much to be desired?


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