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iOS 5, and too many Superlatives

June 7, 2011

Probably every techno-centric person knows that today Apple announced iOS 5 and OS X Lion.

It’s fair to say that Apple have made some quite significant changes to their operating systems, and in particular iOS.
I want to talk a little about iOS. This is because iOS is a bone of contention between many people, and there is some serious stuff done and said by fan boys on iOS’ side and those standing (metaphorically) on other platforms.

Whilst finding out the “new” features of iOS 5, I couldn’t help thinking that I had seen it all before. To me, what Apple had added to iOS wasn’t anything special or new; although the Keynote tried to make out that it was, and that they were original Apple designs, which amongst being Awesome, Amazing, Fantastic, Brilliant they would also solve world-hunger.

I found this comparison table on the internet, no I didn’t make i. I’m just going to pop it in here and put a link for credit; what would be the point in recreating something that’s fine already (I’m not Apple, who reinvents the wheel, calls it some fancy words and charges five times more than the original)


The credit for this goes to:
Here’s the link to the original page.

My point here is, that it’s Apple that has being copying others this time. Whereas previously, others had strived to fall in line with the standard set by Apple.
It will be interesting to see what the Apple fan boys have to say about this. They are very quick to denounce any other mobile OS or Manufacturer if something be similar… Or are they all burying their heads in the sand, not wanting to admit that, this time, Apple didn’t have the best idea, nor did it innovate anything new.

That said, thanks to Mr Steve Jobs’ so called “Reality Distortion Field” they’re all probably blissfully ignorant of the whole situation…

Further Reading:
Another little article that popped up on my twitter feed, pretty interesting. It’s a more text based comparison between iOS 5’s “new” features and Android.


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