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Google+, do you want an invite?

Google has now got another social thing going. This time, it’s called Google+. From what I have seen in the Demo Videos (which are here), it’s a pretty neat idea.

Luckily enough! I have an invite! Which means, I can invite people too. So, to be nice to you all! If you leave a comment below, with your name and Google account email, I will send you an invite! How about that?

Now you can’t say I never give you anything!

Comment away!


Where’s my Gingerbread!

I have an HTC Desire Android Smartphone. I love my phone, without I am (cue a cliché) lost!

I was very happy when HTC announced they were bringing out the latest version of Android, Gingerbread 2.3, for my aging, but still competent device. Then HTC decided to get a little bit wobbly

Here’s what happened!

I follow Android Digest on Twitter, to ensure I have the latest information as soon as possible. I’m checking my feed one day, and BOOM!

”HTC have posted some bad news on their HTC UK Facebook Page” saying:


This was on the 14th of June. I was very, very annoyed. It also turned out, that lots of other HTC Desire owners were annoyed too… Quite rightly!

HTC’s Facebook page was inundated by HTC Desire owners (me included) with complaints, verbal abuse and promises of switching manufacturer and never returning. Now, whoever thought people power was dead, they were wrong.

On the 16th June, HTC ceded and U-Turned. This appeared on Facebook:


Yey! Everybody rejoiced, and called HTC (quietly) brilliant again! They also said this:


I am glad that HTC listened, although we haven’t heard about this timeframe yet; but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

I’ll do a post as soon as we know anymore, or if a Gingerbread Update happens to plop itself on my unbranded HTC Desire!

Stay tuned!

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Here’s the whole HTC UK Facebook pertaining to the HTC Desire Update


iOS 5, and too many Superlatives

Probably every techno-centric person knows that today Apple announced iOS 5 and OS X Lion.

It’s fair to say that Apple have made some quite significant changes to their operating systems, and in particular iOS.
I want to talk a little about iOS. This is because iOS is a bone of contention between many people, and there is some serious stuff done and said by fan boys on iOS’ side and those standing (metaphorically) on other platforms.

Whilst finding out the “new” features of iOS 5, I couldn’t help thinking that I had seen it all before. To me, what Apple had added to iOS wasn’t anything special or new; although the Keynote tried to make out that it was, and that they were original Apple designs, which amongst being Awesome, Amazing, Fantastic, Brilliant they would also solve world-hunger.

I found this comparison table on the internet, no I didn’t make i. I’m just going to pop it in here and put a link for credit; what would be the point in recreating something that’s fine already (I’m not Apple, who reinvents the wheel, calls it some fancy words and charges five times more than the original)


The credit for this goes to:
Here’s the link to the original page.

My point here is, that it’s Apple that has being copying others this time. Whereas previously, others had strived to fall in line with the standard set by Apple.
It will be interesting to see what the Apple fan boys have to say about this. They are very quick to denounce any other mobile OS or Manufacturer if something be similar… Or are they all burying their heads in the sand, not wanting to admit that, this time, Apple didn’t have the best idea, nor did it innovate anything new.

That said, thanks to Mr Steve Jobs’ so called “Reality Distortion Field” they’re all probably blissfully ignorant of the whole situation…

Further Reading:
Another little article that popped up on my twitter feed, pretty interesting. It’s a more text based comparison between iOS 5’s “new” features and Android.

Another reason to buy a Smartphone!

It has to be said, nowadays, Smartphones are all the rage. There’s good reason for them to be too. The amount of stuff we can do with them now is mindboggling.

I’m a pretty avid gamer, and I love how popular titles are making “mobile appearances”. Okay, they might not be as amazing as their console or PC counterparts, but they’re pretty entertaining all the same.

Gameloft have just announced a new game. They call it ‘9mm’. From the trailer and description it’s a bit like GTA. Here’s the trailer from YouTube, so you can take a look yourselves.

9mm–A Tasty Trailer (not suitable for work)


Looks appetising, and you can have a slice of the pie when it’s launched. It’s going to be available on all Android and iOS Devices.

Keep an eye out! I’ll post a blog when it’s out, and do a little review!

What will you be doing during the royal wedding?


The royal wedding is on Friday. Many people all across the globe are anticipating a truly spectacular event.

Yet, not everyone wants to share in Price William and Kate’s joyful day. There are those who are devoted to the wedding, those who are indifferent and some would sooner turn the United Kingdom into a Republic than watch even a snippet of the wedding.
It seems started that an event such as a wedding, can inspire such bitter reactions in people.
But why?

If we separate these people into three groups as mentioned above, we might be able to hypothesise:

The Royalist:
Normally these people hang on every action by the royal family. They follow all major events, know birth dates and other intimate information. They sometimes might collect royal paraphernalia in order to remember what the royal family has done.
They despise the idea of a republic and would do anything it took to preserve the monarchy.
If these people aren’t glued to the TV Screen they’ll be outside have a barbeque with a TV Feed pumping them with live pictures from the wedding. That is of course if the British Weather is permitting.

The Indifferent Class (no that’s not a type of Navy Warship):
These people don’t really care for the royal family either way. They think that the royal family may have some benefits, but that they don’t really apply to them.
These people will probably not watch the wedding; or may see snippets when channel surfing. Some may have a look at the news just to see what is going on, but only a brief look.
It’s probable that these people will be celebrating that fact that they’ve got the day off, rather than the wedding.

The Abolitionists (according to spell check that work actually exists):
Naturally these are the people who are completely against this whole idea of having a monarchy; and would sooner chop their own heads off than watch the wedding. These people want the United Kingdom to become the United Republic (which personally I don’t think has quite the same ring).
Some of these people will be a protests, or just sat at home grumbling about how the royal wedding had affected the country in all manner of different ways…

What would I class myself as?crown1
I’d probably be part of The Indifferent Class. I don’t have anything against the royal family; but I just don’t have much interest in them at all. I recognise that not only are they a major part of our history and heritage (and thus must be preserved), they do bring in a lot of tourists.
Plus, they’re known world-wide and helps the United Kingdom keeps its foot firmly in the centre of the world-stage next to the United States.

On the “Lake Scale of Royalism”, where would you place yourself? Do you think that my definitions are accurate, or leaving much to be desired?

What the Hacker(s) of the PlayStation Network know about you…

Sony just released some more information about the intrusion that left the PlayStation Network cripple for six days and counting.

There is some very bad news for PlayStation Network Users. Here’s the list of things that have been collected by the Hacker(s):playstation-network-logo

  • Name
  • Address (city, state/province, zip or postal code)
  • Country
  • E-mail address
  • Date of birth
  • PlayStation Network/Qriocity passwords and login
  • Handle/PSN online ID

What is worse, is that the hacker(s) may also have taken credit card details. This is what Sony said about the matter in a press statement:

"While there is no evidence that credit card data was taken at this time, we cannot rule out the possibility," Mr Caplin said.

"If you have provided your credit card data through PlayStation Network or Qriocity, to be on the safe side we are advising you that your credit card number (excluding security code) and expiration date may also have been obtained."

This isn’t good news at all. For anyone, not Sony nor the end-user.

What should you do? Well, I would change all my passwords immediately, and probably get my bank to send me a new credit card… That said, I’m an Xbox User and thus I’m not experiencing this problem; and I always use Xbox Live Gift Card things to buy my points and subscriptions; so they never have my bank details…

Wearing a Casio F-91W? Don’t go to the USA!

416CS0VJWGLIf you’re the proud owner of the cheap and cheerful Casio F-91W watch, then be warned the Government of the United States of America will be keeping any eye on you.

A recently leaked government document (pictured), which is available of Wiki-leaks, details what government agents should look out for in terror suspects.
What’s on this list? The humble Casio F-91W of course.

Apparently a large number of the suspects at Guantanamo Bay wore this watch. Due to it very small price tag, world-wide availability and it’s potential to be turned into a Bomb-Timer, it has been deemed a suspect item.

There is also a list of terror suspects on Wikipedia who have this watch, if you want to look through them , here’s the link.People Wearing This Casio Watch Might Be Terrorists

Yet is this really a necessary reaction? If all the terror suspects were found drinking Coke, or sneezing into a tissue, would that mean (by US Standards) that if anybody drinks Coke, and sneezes into a tissue; they are also potential terrorists? I hope not…

I would hope that, with all the money the US Government spends, they would have something slightly more concrete to go on than just which watch people are wearing.
Of course, you wouldn’t get arrested from merely wearing this watch, they have to fill the other criteria too.

But just to be safe, if I were going to the United States, I’d wear a different watch. We all know what those Americans can be like… 😉